The quality of a surface coating is critically dependent on coating parameters being adhered to and constantly checked.

The STATIC CHECK STC MIKA measurement device provides the user with a simple means to check those magnitudes that are of such critical importance to production.


kV measuring

The instrument "STATIC-CHECK STC MIKA" allows both single-gun and multi-gun systems to be tested rapidly, safely and simply to check whether all of the spray guns are providing the correct high voltage. Particularly after any maintenance or repair work, it is important that the guns be checked to ensure that they are providing high voltages, thereby preventing defective coatings.

µA measuring

The device is also capable of measuring powder spray current in Microampère (µA).

This enables to test the current limitation of Corona guns and also the coating powder to be checked for its suitability for use with Tribo guns.

Earthing test

Furthermore, a special device makes the third function of the "STC MIKA" possible. The workpieces to be coated can now be tested for their resistance to earth prior to feeding them into the spray booth. (as per EN 50177 the resistance to earth must not be larger than 1 MΩ.)

The 64x102 pixel visual display allows the measured values to be displayed clearly and in an internationally understandable format.
The µP logic unit now makes it possible to very simply save each of the measurement values for reading from a PC later via the RS-232 interface and processing or documenting them.
The measurement device is supplied as standard with a case, high-voltage probe, measurement and data cables and a USB flash drive containing PC software and drivers. A USB/RS-232 converter is supplied for use with PCs that do not have a COM interface.
It is recommended that this measurement device be sent back once a year for recalibration.

By providing you with the STATIC CHECK STC MIKA, we are providing you with a practical, easy-to-use, light, portable and inexpensive measuring instrument for optimising your system.

Operation Manual STC MIKA
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Software V1.0.0
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